Break Free from Rigid Cloud Security Tools

Building on the legacy of Prowler Open Source, Prowler SaaS isn’t just about powerful features like stunning visualizations and rapid scanning; it’s about a seamless experience wrapped in the simplicity of SaaS. And when it comes to pricing, we keep it as straightforward and efficient as our service — based on your usage, not per account.

This is cloud security, but not as you know it. It’s simpler, faster, and smarter — tailored for the way you work.

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Think Outside the Black-Box

We understand the frustrations with rigid, opaque ‘black-box’ security tools. That’s why we’ve created a community-driven platform where your needs and insights lead the way.

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The Old Way: Black-Boxes

  • Generic Solutions: One-size-fits-all approach, lacking customization and relevance to specific business needs.
  • Limited Visibility: Opaque operations with little insight into what’s being checked and why, leading to a lack of control and understanding.
  • Community Detached: Developed behind closed doors, without the benefit of community-driven innovation or the agility to adapt to new threats.
  • Manual Overhead: Requires significant manual intervention for configuration, updates, and interpreting results, making it time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Delayed Responses: Slow to adapt to new cloud services, features, or security vulnerabilities, putting organizations at risk.
  • Costly: High upfront and ongoing costs, with pricing models that may not align with actual usage or value derived.

The New Way: Prowler

  • Customizable Solutions: Tailored security assessments and monitoring, allowing for high relevance and adaptability to specific cloud environments.
  • Full Transparency: Open-source development model provides visibility into the logic behind each security check, fostering trust and understanding.
  • Community-Powered: Leverages the collective intelligence of a global community of experts, ensuring rapid adaptation to new threats and cloud features.
  • Automated Efficiency: Offers automation for security assessments, compliance checks, and threat detection, significantly reducing manual workload.
  • Proactive Security: Continuously updated with the latest security checks and compliance guidelines, enabling real-time security posture improvements.
  • Cost-Effective: More equitable pricing model based on actual usage, offering better cost control and return on investment.

AWS Security at a Glance

See the security status on all of your AWS services in one place.

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Secrets Manager
Security Hub
API Gateway
Trusted Advisor

Dashboards Designed for Depth

Not Just A Dashboard - Your Dashboard

The “Overview” page on the Prowler dashboard offers a concise yet detailed view of your AWS security status. Our dashboard doesn’t just show you the big picture of your AWS security posture; it lets you customize that picture.

Key metrics like pass/fail ratios and issue severity are displayed in an intuitive format, with high-risk concerns like exposed resources and secrets prominently flagged. A trend graph provides a quick understanding of security performance over time, and the latest scan results are itemized for immediate attention, all customizable by account and region for targeted analysis. This dashboard is intuitive and easy to drill down into or share with your team.

Your Command Center for AWS Excellence

The Prowler “Findings” dashboard is engineered to streamline your security workflow within AWS. It surfaces security gaps like overly permissive security groups with precision, tagged with severity levels for swift action. Dive into each issue with direct links to in-depth fixes, including strategies like Zero Trust to tighten your defenses.

This dashboard is your go-to for transforming complex security data into clear, actionable tasks, ensuring your cloud setup is not just compliant, but truly secure.

All Your Services At-A-Glance

Each service is represented as a tile, detailing the number of security checks that require your attention. Prioritize and strategize with confidence; this dashboard offers a cohesive, user-friendly platform for managing and optimizing your cloud security ecosystem. It is sophisticated monitoring made intuitive, empowering your team to tackle security challenges with streamlined efficiency.

Everything you need to operate your cloud-based infrastructure

Automatic monitoring of cloud infrastructure for potential misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

Verification of compliance with key security and data protection frameworks

Comprehensive, easy to understand visualizations of your cloud infrastructure with the ability to filter and drill down to specific regions, accounts, services, issues and remediations

Remediations and hardening recommendations based on detected vulnerabilities and issues.

Fast, easy, and, agentless installation and integration into common alerting platforms

Join the Community

Why Join the Prowler Community?

  • Adaptability: Tailor Prowler to fit your unique cloud architecture. With our flexible tools, your cloud security evolves as you do.
  • Transparency: Say goodbye to black-box solutions. With Prowler, you gain clear insights into your security posture, knowing exactly how and why your cloud is protected.
  • Stay Ahead: The cloud security landscape is ever-changing. In the Prowler community, you’ll keep pace with the latest threats and best practices, collaboratively shaping the future of cloud security.

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