Are you looking to enhance your AWS security with Prowler? Look no further! Here are 9 Prowler related projects that will save the day:

  1. Terraform AWS Prowler Monitoring: Create a collection of AWS log metric filters and alarms to monitor and alert on security-related events in your AWS environment. These checks and alarms satisfy section 3 of the CIS for AWS requirements of the Prowler Monitoring checks. 
  2. QuickSight powered AWS Security Dashboard: Building Prowler into a QuickSight dashboard allows for real-time visualization of security findings, making it easier to identify and address potential threats.
  3. CloudFormation template: Use this template to perform a point in time assessment of your AWS account, helping you and your team identify and remediate any security issues. We have this one as well for CodeBuild.
  4. Multi-Account Security Assessment: This assessment works for multiple accounts. This report also comes with an Excel template to use for reporting to management, allowing you to track and report on security findings over time.
  5. AWS Fargate: Use this code to perform security assessments in AWS Organizations using Prowler on AWS Fargate, making it easy to scale and automate security assessments across multiple accounts.
  6. Python Script: Easily share and communicate security findings with your team by using this script to generate an HTML report from a CSV.
  7. Ansible code for Splunk integration: Use the Ansible code for Splunk integration which includes a dashboard set up for Splunk, to get a better visibility of your security posture.
  8. Sample Helm chart for Prowler: This example Helm chart makes it easy to deploy Prowler on Kubernetes.
  9. CloudFormation and Terraform templates: The CloudFormation and Terraform templates which include the permissions needed for Prowler and ProwlerPro to assume the role and scan an account.

By implementing these Prowler related projects, you can improve your overall security posture and better protect your AWS environment from potential threats.

Toni de la Fuente

Founder of Prowler Open Source & Lead of Prowler Pro

I’m founder of Prowler Open Source, tool for AWS security best practices. I also worked for AWS as security engineer and security consultant. I’m passionate about FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) in general and Information Security, Incident Response and Digital Forensics in particular. I like everything related to cloud computing and automation. I have done some things for security and the Open Source community like Prowler, phpRADmin, Nagios plugin for Alfresco, Alfresco BART (backup tool). I’ve also contributed in books and courses related to Linux, Monitoring and AWS Security for PacktPublishing.

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