ProwlerPro has joined the AWS Marketplace. This collaboration aims to provide businesses with improved options for securing their cloud environments. ProwlerPro offers comprehensive features, including vulnerability management, compliance monitoring, and configuration auditing, tailored specifically for AWS deployments.

By joining the AWS Marketplace, ProwlerPro aims to simplify the process of discovering, purchasing, and deploying ProwlerPro. Customers can now access ProwlerPro seamlessly through the AWS Marketplace’s trusted platform. This integration showcases the ongoing efforts of ProwlerPro’s engineering team and highlights the collaborative work between ProwlerPro and AWS.

Toni de la Fuente, the lead engineer behind ProwlerPro, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Prowler is already the top tool for securing the AWS cloud, we are thrilled to share ProwlerPro to help businesses secure their cloud environments effectively.”

ProwlerPro offers an array of features designed to enhance cloud security. Real-time vulnerability assessments, compliance monitoring based on industry standards, and comprehensive configuration auditing are just a few of the key capabilities. The tool’s user-friendly interface and robust reporting features enable businesses to identify and mitigate potential security risks efficiently.

We’re looking forward to a bright future where organizations of all sizes trust ProwlerPro to fortify their AWS cloud environments and navigate the evolving threat landscape effectively.